GUESS: 35 Years & Still Dreaming

June 6 July 8, 2017

In the early eighties, the Marciano brothers invited the world to view jeans differently – challenging Los Angeles laundries to use innovative stonewash techniques. This groundbreaking approach to the wash process ehlped solidify the brand as a pioneer in the denim industry.

This exhibition at the FIDM Museum & Galleries explored the rich heritage of GUESS and its impact on fashion and pop culture.

Guess: 35 years & still dreaming

2016 Graduating BA in Design Student Exhibition

November 4 December 3, 2016

The first (alpha) group of students graduating with Bachelors of Arts in Design presented work from their senior thesis project in the FIDM Museum November 4th through December 3rd. The ten students in this exhibition came from a variety of design disciplines, including Fashion Design, Jewelry Design, Textile Design and Visual Communications. Each of the students developed a thesis proposal and developed their work through a series of Studio courses. Students in this exhibition designed and produced fashion apparel, jewelry, interior product and the concept, graphics and coordination of this event.

The FIDM Bachelors of Arts in Design degree prepares students to think creatively, critically, and divergently about the design process. Students learn to appreciate the universality of design, contextualize design problems, and blend historical and global perspectives with evolving trends as the foundation for inspired design solutions. Students become design innovators by learning to balance conventional design approaches with new, emergent thinking.



November 7November 21, 2007

Graffiti icon and fine artist Saber is most famous for his enormous graffiti painting on the cement retaining wall of the Los Angeles River. Focusing primarily on Saber’s paintings, this exhibition explores the intersection of fine arts and street arts. In conjunction with the exhibition, Saber created a live, on-site graffiti painting.


On-site graffiti demonstration by Saber in Grand Hope Park.

The Intuitive Eye: Frederick R. Weisman Collection Exhibition, Selected Paintings & Sculptures from the Frederick R. Weisman Collection

October 9December 16, 2000

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Frederick R. Weisman was a prominent West Coast collector of twentieth-century art. Renowned for his business success, good humor, and charitable spirit, it was his art collection that established him as an international figure. Comprised of over one thousand paintings, sculptures, mixed-media and video works, the collection spans numerous pre- and postwar art movements and includes work of both celebrated and emerging artists. With a keenly intuitive eye, Mr. Weisman selected important, vibrant, and dynamic works of art to comprise his very personal and remarkable collection.

The Intuitive Eye: Frederick R. Weisman Collection Exhibition, Selected Paintings and Sculptures from the Frederick R. Weisman Collection

Duane Hanson, Rocker, 1972 and Keith Haring, Untitled (Motorcycle), 1987. Loan courtesy of the Frederick R. Weisman Collection.